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  • GMG accelerates efforts to extend its product range and demonstrates its ability to develop unique smart living solutions, significantly improving performance but above all user expectations and experience. Over the years the company has kept in step with evolving customer requirements, to ensure that its products reflect modern life styles.

    That’s why GMG positions itself on the market with more premium and connected products in diverse areas such as HVAC, cooling, washing, home solutions, TV, mobile devices etc..

    GMG smart living solution is an open ecosystem network developed through consolidation of global resources. The objective is to connect the world and bring users solutions to ease everyday life.

    In the last few years, the GMG has built up Internet-based smart factories, where mass production of personalized products has replaced the company’s traditional large-scale manufacturing. These new interconnected factories allow users to personalize and order appliances by communicating their needs directly with the manufacturer.

  • Innovation, Design and Quality have always been at the core of GMG values. They are combined with technology and intelligence to create superior products for customers.

    By raising Innovation, Design and Quality as top priorities, GMG seeks to always be ahead trends market, constantly exploring new customer habits, and launching new products that make life easier.

    Further increase GMG brand awareness (through stronger communication activities)
    Offer to our end customer a customized solution for their home fully expressing their own identity

    Further capitalize on the entrepreneurial spirit of the global company inspired by Mr. Nam management style in order to continually adapt the company’s business model, to keep up with changing times and become a leader in the Internet era.
    Pursue GMG’s overriding strategy which consists of listening to and understanding customers, to best respond to their needs.